by Mark Jackson

Jackson’s celebrated dynamic adaptation of Goethe’s “Faust, Der Tragödie Erster Teil” focuses the action on the triangle between Faust, Mephistopheles, and Gretchen.  Jackson’s language melds classical and contemporary elements, and drawing on Goethe’s own eclectic theatrical sensibility that ranges freely between the classical, modern, post-modern, pop, comic, tragic, absurdist, and surreal.

Faust Pt1 highlights the original’s underlying theme of responsibility and the metaphysical longing for the unattainable. The play evolves from existential comedy to passionate tragedy, ending on the blasted heath of a question that leaves it to the audience to write part two. How deeply are we willing to look into our personal actions and how they impact the world outside of ourselves?


“A Faust for our times!” – San Francisco Gate


“A tightly written and beautifully constructed comedy/drama… There are moments of stark beauty and incomparable emotion, but others that seem to feast on the scenery in an almost unbridled and over-the-top loss of control.” –Eastbay Times


“Bargaining with the devil is a chilly yet potent business in “Faust, Part 1,” writer/co-director/thesp Mark Jackson’s free adaptation of Goethe. Arrestingly stripped-down in all aspects save its rich, elegant language, this take on the classic morality play has an intellectual and physical rigor that’s inviting.” –Variety

“The devil, alas, does not make him do it in “Faust.” Hubris is the true culprit in Mark Jackson’s electric postmodern incarnation of the über-myth.” –Mercury News

April 26-May 11, 2019   14 Performances only @ Wild Project,195 East 3rd Street, NY,NY

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