Other People’s Money – Nyack, NY

Other People’s Money

by Jerry Sterner

Directed by Robert Ierardi

A Benefit Staged Reading


Wall Street takeover artist Lawrence Garfinkle has targeted the undervalued stock of New England Wire & Cable, the stockholders could make a bundle but what will happen to the1200 employees and the community when he liquidates the assets? Opposing the rapacious financier are the genial man who has run the company since the year one and his chief operations officer, who bring in a young attorney who specializes in fending off takeovers, she’s  smart…too  smart. Join us for this award-winning comedy.


“Funny, serious suspenseful, involving, disturbing, and above all, expertly crafted. It concerns the intended hostile takeover of a deserving but obsolescent Rhode Island family business, New England Wine and Cable, honorably and not unprofitably run, that provides jobs for an entire small town’s population. Epic grandeur and intimate titillation combined. It is the most stimulating kind of entertainment.” – NY Magazine

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Saturday, November 17 @ 2:00  pm @ Nyack Library, 59 S. Broadway, Nyack,  NY