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Program: Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, New York City’s acclaimed resident theatre company (“One of the best” – Wall Street Journal) presents 3-5 classical productions each season, is offering an exciting series of interactive workshops that can tour to your college classroom. Phoenix Theatre Ensemble will provide 2-3 professional resident actors and a Master Director who will visit college classrooms and provide a unique enrichment to your class room studies. Workshops are designed to enhance studies across several disciplines: theatre arts, English literature, comparative literature, religious studies, African American studies, women’s studies, history, and others. A visit from Phoenix Theatre Ensemble’s professional artists will inspire provocative and thoughtful classroom discussions and provide further opportunities for independent study and special projects.


  • Provide tri-state college educators an in-classroom workshop designed to enhance the study of  literature within their curriculum
  • Enhance class room discussion and further study
  • Demystify the theatre making experience & removing perceived barriers to attending live theatre
  • Bringing the literature to life with immediacy and relevancy for modern audiences
  • Teaching theatre creation methodology as a skill set which can be used for creating success in life and business

How it works:  Workshops are designed to run for 45 – 50 minutes.   Phoenix Theatre Ensemble will provide a director and 2-3 actors who will come to your classroom and present selected scenes and engage your students in discussions and recommended scene adjustments.



(Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, or Medea, etc):

 Introduction and a brief overview of the workshop followed a traditional presentation of selected scenes from the chosen play:

  • The Master Director will then lead the class in discussion on choices that were made in this traditional approach to the scene.
  • Discussion led by director and actors
    • How actors build characters (psychological approaches and outside physical choices)
    • Script analysis
    • What informs directorial choices
    • Objectives, Actions, Conflicts
  • Students are then encouraged to make recommendations in how the scene may be approached in a different style.
  • The actors make the adjustments on the spot and perform the scene again.
  • Discussion is led by the director on how this new approach reveals different aspects of the script
  • This is repeated as many times as time allows
  • Summary of the workshop by Director and Actors; Students are encouraged to attend performances and discount tickets vouchers are provided


(customized workshop to meet your needs)

Selected scenes depicting the status of women across history and portrayals in literature and media which could include (final scenes are chosen in consultation with faculty):

  • Euripides’ Medea, Ibsen’s The Doll’s House, and Carol Churchill’s Top Girls
  • Each scene will be followed by open discussion with faculty, students, actors and director
  • The impact of media (ancient and modern) on the status of women, its political  implications, and our perceptions of historical accuracy


(customized workshop to meet your needs)

Employs the role of the theatre director as a paradigm of business management.

  • A scene is selected with the director employing 3 different management/leadership styles
        • Autocratic
    • Laisssez-faire
    • Democratic
  • Discussion on the various styles, their affect on the work and participants, and overall success of utilization of each style of management

Workshops:  The following workshops are available to English, literature, classics and theatre arts classes (contact for customized workshops):

  • Medea by Euripides (discount tickets available to full staged production by Phoenix Theatre Ensemble)
  • Othello by Shakespeare (discount tickets available to a fully staged production of “An American Moor” at Phoenix Theatre
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  • Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  • Antigone by Sophocles


  • $650-$850 for one workshop on one day
  • $800-$1100 for two workshops on the same day
  • Contact us for quotes on customized workshops:

Additionally students and faculty will be offered discount tickets to Phoenix Theatre Ensemble 2015-16 productions including Main Stage Productions:

  • THE GAMBLER BY GLYN MAXWELL (based on the story by Dostoyevsky)
  • The Creditors” – August Strindberg
  • “Murrow” – Joseph Vitale
  • “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been – Eric Bentley

And Staged Readings:

  • The Son of Arlecchino by Leon Katz
  • The Importance of Being Earnest – by Oscar Wilde
  • Private Lives – by Noel Coward

To schedule a workshop or for further information please call Elise Stone @ 212-465-3446 or email